Initially, this website was meant to host a Romanian philosophy journal prepared by a few students from School of Philosophy, University of Bucharest, according to academic standards. But the idea turned out to be of little interest to Romanian audience because of a general state of letargy that put the editors in the position of not having enough academic, analytic, and clear written articles to assure a continuous life for the journal. For this reason, the entire project died out sooner than predicted and the team desintegrated.

In the years that followed its first appearance (2002), this website suffered many changes. The last change has been made in 2005, when it became the ROMANIAN PHILOSOPHY PORTAL, i.e., a virtual space for all those interested in Philosophy in general. Although owned, designed and managed by Cristian Ducu, RPP is not a personal page. Most websites hosted by the portal and information contained herein are of general interest and not necceserally related to Cristian Ducu's interests.

At the moment, the portal hosts temporarily two international double-peer-reviewed journal (Romanian Journal for Analytic Philosophy and Revista Romana de Filosofie Analitica), the websites of one major project (Traditions in the European Moral Thought), the pages of several international conferences organized with the RPP support, and some philosophy resources put up by voluntary contributors. Besides these, the portal also containes a series of links to other important initiatives, projects, journals, events etc.
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